Do your children wake you up early on Sunday mornings, excited to go to Sunday school? Join us and enroll them in our Sunday School program.


At First Congregation UCC, our youth are divided into four different age groups (age 3-5, 1st-4th grade, 5th-8th grade, and 9th-12 grade). Students enjoy interactive, energizing, age-appropriate Bible-based learning activities within these groups.

For three-year-olds through 4th graders, we utilize the Rotation Model. This research-based learning model allows students to work together in multiple learning environments while learning and retaining one single Bible story. Our curriculum involves learning and exploring through art, games, stories, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Youth who hear and study the Bible stories for more than one week are more likely to retain them.

As for our Middle and High school students, spend time in an engaging, discussion-based curriculum to help them grow in their Christian faith and understand where they are on life’s journey.

The forty-five-minute Sunday School program is held every Sunday (Labor Day – Memorial Day) during our Worship Service at 9:30 am. All are invited to gather together and fill the sanctuary with God’s people, joining together in song and prayer. After the Children’s Message, children are dismissed to attend Sunday School.

Sunday School/Youth Groups


Is your teen or pre-teen searching for their place in this world or looking to delve deeper into their faith?

Our youth fellowship groups are a great way for youths to start or continue their spiritual journey with support from their First Congregation UCC family. Through monthly planned social activities, volunteering with our outreach programs, and mission work, youth have the opportunity to serve others in ways that challenge them to look beyond themselves. While on their journey, they discover first-hand the joy of being active and vibrant members of their church and community.

Our youth groups are split into two sections: Junior Youth (3rd-8th grade) and High School Youth (9th-12th grades). Each group is led by trained adult members of the church community. Participating in our youth groups and Sunday School program encourages healthy development, helps them through struggles, gives them a place to form friendships with peers who share their beliefs, and challenges them to integrate faith and life.


Looking for a fun, educational, and spiritual activity for your children during the summer? Join us for Vacation Bible School as we splash into God’s word! We will explore some bible stories through energizing and interactive activities. This program is open to all children and youth 3 years old through 4th grade. Click here to view the flyer or click here to sign up. 


Join us as we journey together to discover God’s great light and how it can shine upon all of us. Please contact Amy Drewa, Director of Children and Youth Ministries, at for more information about our Youth Programs or register on the links below.


Sunday School/Youth Groups