Here are our church musicians at work, and at play:

Our Chancel Choir, our Praise Band, our soloists (and duet-ists!), our brass ensemble, and our Intergenerational, youth and “Alumni” bell choirs all join throughout the year in a procession of activities and events, in worship and beyond.

Our Chancel, Praise and Handbell groups meet weekly and present in worship at least monthly.  Brass, youth, and soloists fill in on other Sundays.  Combined groups present on especially festive days, always discovering exciting new ways to combine talents.


God’s Spirit transcends trends, category, or style. We follow that lead.

We are the musicians of First Congregational United Church of Christ of Oconomowoc.  We are new melodies; we are old ones, too.  Our hands and hearts and voices are young, middle-aged, and maybe not-quite-so-young! We sing, and we play instruments with strings, and with brass bells, (and with bronze bells too!) and pipes and keys and skins and reeds and whatever else.  Our whole congregation resonates as God’s band.  We are a family of God with a musical agenda: to thank, to petition, to praise, to celebrate, and to declare.  We share music which honestly and sincerely reflects who we are, not merely some trend – but what is always being newly created, crafted through every generation, always building upon what has come before.  We are what God IS making in each of us, as individuals who can only do this thing together; each blessed with different gifts, which God harmonizes and blends into a song to play out into the world.